Truth is relative. What does that mean? It means it depends on your level of consciousness which determines HOW you see reality. Another word for seeing is perception. Through the senses which are interpreted from the mind, perception is experienced. Seeing, smelling, tasting, hearing, touching, are basically self-explanatory. The smelling of bread baking or burnt bread! It is impossible to absolutely know if everyone smells bacon the same but we DO know that not everyone enjoys the smell or taste or texture the same.  Only by your subjective experience is it true for you. No point arguing that bacon tastes good to someone who says otherwise. The problem we get into most often when it comes to perception is the duality of positions or opinions being right, wrong, good, bad, etc. We do not look at opinions usually, we look at people. We are not seeing information we are seeing a BAD PERSON.  From a blinding level of consciousness, we can’t distinguish information, from the person saying it. Pride is blinding and it cannot separate WHAT someone is saying from the someone saying it!

Pride is a defensive posture and will interpret a rejection of information as a rejection of ‘self’ or a me. I am not speaking of pride as in “I am proud to be a marine” or “I am proud to have graduated from college”. I am speaking about pride as being blind-sided and a stubbornness. Blind sided because they are seeing a person, not the information, and are closed either consciously or unconsciously, to seeing the distinction.

We know we are not our cars, we have cars, but we can’t see we aren’t our thoughts, we have thoughts. At least not until our consciousness moves into a more open position. Otherwise we are constantly getting bombarded with hurt feelings when we confuse the two. We call that sensitivity. It does feel like we are being attacked or attacking each other’s being, rather than, offering different opinions. If we perceive we are being attacked we will either want to defend, attack back, or remove ourselves. Very frustrating to have conversations or exchange ideas this way.

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